A study to determine the nursing care needs of families with children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Lusaka urban.

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Chinkumbi, Mavis M.
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The main aim of the study was to determine the nursing care needs of families with children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS in Lusaka urban. Data was collected from orphan carers or guardians caring for those orphaned children whether the child or children lost both parents or a single parent i.e. double or single orphan respectively. A structured interview schedule was constructed and used to collect data. A survey method was used. Data was collected between the 31st of August and 16th September from the orphan carers, guardians or single parents. The study revealed that the majority of orphan carers appreciate counseling services; having been exposed to the service appreciate counseling as the most crucial aspect in the nursing needs of those families with health education ranking next and offering treatment ranked lowest as they considered this activities as sorely restricted to a health center environment.Some respondents revealed lack of knowledge as regards nurses role. The majority of respondents are knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and reacted positively towards its prevention. However a few could not express their knowledge on prevention.
Orphans --Family relationships --Zambia. , Children of AIDS patients --Care of --Zambia.