A study of the pre-operative information given to pregnant mothers who undergo emergency ceasarean section at ceasarean section at UTH.

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Chimwala, Mary Mtonga.
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The study was conducted at the University Teaching Hospital in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The purpose of this study was to find out pre operative information given to pregnant mothers who undergo emergency caesarean section, with the view of using the findings to provide evidence of inadequate psychological preparation of the pregnant mothers before operation. Another research question associated with the study was whether the operation influenced the feelings of the mothers towards future pregnancies. A purposive sample consisting of thirty-five (35) mothers was selected and interviewed around the third day post operative when the mother was in less pain. The findings of the study revealed that patients were not informed of the reasons why procedures are carried out on admission to labour ward (80%), and also pre operatively (71%). The findings also revealed that a substantial number of the patients reported that they were not given chance to ask any questions )93%). Finally, almost over half of the mothers (54%) reported negative feelings about future pregnancy because they feared having another operation. The findings are of particular interest to the midwife as they will enable her to review her role in the care of a labouring woman. The findings should also give the midwife an insight into her psychological care and preparation of a woman in labour for surgery who is already under stress.
Cesarean section. , Obstetrics --Surgery. , Hospital patients --Counseling of.