Women's knowledge and attitude towards utilization of depo provera in Mufulira district.

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Hamoonga, Brenda Chinyama.
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The main objective of this study is to determine the knowledge and attitude of women towards the utilization of Depo Provera in Mufulira District. Literature from various scholars globally, regionally and nationally was reviewed on women's knowledge and attitude towards the utilization of Depo Provera. A pilot study was conducted at Kawama clinic in Mufulira District so as to assess whether the instrument to be used would be able to collect the desired data and also to detect and correct mistakes. The study was conducted in five (5) health centers in Mufulira District namely: Kamuchanga, Suburbs, clinic 1, 3 and 5. A non-experimental descriptive study design was used. A sample of fifty (50) women who used Depo Provera before and those that were currently using Depo Provera were randomly selected using simple random method. Data was collected using a structured interview schedule from all the fifty (50) respondents, ten (10) from each of the selected health centers. Data was analyzed and presented in form of frequency tables and pie charts. Cross tabulations have not been used to determine the relationship between variables because there was no variability between the variables. Study findings revealed that 100% of the respondents knew what Depo Provera was and the Majority (94%) of the respondents felt that it should continue to be used in Zambia as a method of contraception despite the myths and misconceptions that were associated with it. The study also revealed that the major respondents' source of information was the family planning clinic (80%) Women felt that side effects occurred differently in different individuals and those that did not experience any side effects should continue using it. The researcher therefore concluded that women being the users of Depo Provera approved its use and still felt comfortable to use it.
health surveys --women --mufulira district. , birth control --women --attitudes --mufulira district. , medroxyprogesterone.