The impact of reading rooms on literacy development: A case of selected basic schools in Chongwe district

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Chisenga, Caroline
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The study sought to evaluate the impact of the Reading Rooms on literacy development among basic school pupils. It targeted pupils from rural schools of Chongwe District, Lusaka Province. A sample of 210 respondents comprising of 4 Ministry of Education officials, 12 Head teachers, 4 librarians, 40 teachers and 150 pupils were purposively and randomly selected from the research site. In order to provide accurate results, the researcher adopted a mixed (triangulation) approach and employed both quantitative and qualitative research designs. Data were collected using open-ended questionnaires and interview guides. The data collection exercise was undertaken over a period of six weeks. The actual procedure began by seeking authority from the District Education Board Secretary (DEBs) to conduct interviews with some officials at his office and carry out research in selected basic schools in the District. In order to achieve the study objectives, interviews with District Education Board Officials and trained school librarians were conducted to solicit information on the Reading Rooms. During interviews, the responses to the questions were written down by the researcher as the interviewees gave their views. Tests (literacy skills) were also administered to one set of pupils in schools with Reading Rooms and another set of pupils in a school that was similar in all respects apart from a Reading Room; i.e. the control group. The difference in scores was taken to mean the impact of the Reading Rooms. Both qualitative and quantitative data analyses were employed. Descriptive data were analysed through thematic approach where it was categorized, tabulated and arranged under themes and sub-themes. Quantitative data were analysed using the Social Package for the Social Sciences Software (SPSS) and interpreted as percentages and graphs.
Reading comprehension--Zambia , Children --Books and reading--Zambia