Factors affecting preparation of pupils with intellectual disabilities for employment: A case of Bauleni and University Teaching Hospital Special Schools, Zambia

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Mwondela, Viyela Mary
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The study sought to investigate the factors affecting preparation of pupils with intellectual disabilities for employment at Bauleni and University Teaching Hospital Special schools. The objectives of the study were to determine how teaching methods; teacher/pupil interaction; teaching materials; teachers’ professional qualifications and curriculum content affect preparation for employment. The researcher used a case study design. The target population included parents, head teachers, teachers and pupils. The sample consisted of forty-six (46) respondents, twenty (20) parents, twenty (20) pupils, four (4) teachers and two (2) head teachers. Simple random sampling was used to arrive at the parents and pupils while purposive sampling was used to arrive at the head teachers and teachers.In collecting data, questionnaires were administered to head teachers and teachers while interviews were conducted to the parents and focused group discussions to the pupils. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis was used.The findings of the study revealed that teachers used explanatory, whole class, demonstrations and group work. Even with these methods the pupils were not adequately taught. The teachers stated to say teacher/pupil interaction did not benefit the pupils. Due to inadequate teaching material pupils were inadequately prepared. As regards to qualifications all teachers are not trained in vocational skills training. The curriculum content was followed but due to inadequate teaching materials pupils were inadequately prepared for employment.On the basis of these findings, the following recommendations were proposed: the Ministry of Education to reintroduce special vocational programmes in tertiary institutions and adequately fund schools and provide teaching materials to enable teachers conduct practical lessons for pupils with intellectual disabilities.
Pupils with intellectual disabilities