A study to determine factors contributing to low utilization of voluntary HIV counselling and testing at Chilonga Hospital - Mpika.

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Kabonga, Rosemary Mwaba.
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Voluntary HIV counseling and testing is a key strategy in combating HIV/AIDS pandemic. The international efforts to prevent and control HIV/AIDS have called upon the different health and social strategies to combat the epidemic. In Zambia many strategies have been implemented which include VCT. Chilonga Hospital has been offering counseling services for almost 15 years but VCT services is in its infancy stage. The purpose of this study was to determine factors that influence the low utilisation of VCT services at Chilonga Hospital in Mpika. The Literature reviewed on VCT demonstrated that VCT services are generally under utilized but no study has been done where to find out the contributing factors to low utilization. A cross sectional descriptive study using interview schedule and Focus Group Discussions were used to collect data. The study was conducted at Chilonga Hospital. Stratified random sampling was done to select the sample size of fifty (50) respondents and twenty (20) for Focus Group Discussion. The data collected was analyzed manually using a data master sheet and a calculator. The findings were presented in frequency tables, figures, and graphs as well as cross tabulations. The study revealed that all the respondents (100%) had heard about HIV/AIDS and VCT. The majority of the respondents (92%) had adequate knowledge about HIV/AIDS. It was also revealed that majority of the respondents (80%) were willing to have an HIV test for the reason of knowing their health status while (20%) were not willing.
AIDS (Disease) --Diagnosis --Zambia. , AIDS (Disease) --Developing countries --Prevention. , Medical screening.