A study to determine factors contributing to low post natal attendance in serenje.

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Katongo, Chisanga Pauline.
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The aim of the study was to establish factors contributing to low utilization of post natal clinic in Serenje District. It was hoped that the study could be used to identify gaps in the existing service that may be contributing to the low utilization, and then make recommendations to the Serenje District Health Management Team so that policies and programmes could be enhanced or revised to ensure maximum utilization of the service.The study was done in Serenje from 8th September to 12th September, 1997. Sample size was 50 women bringing their children to children's clinic. The women were interviewed at the MCH Department. A structured interview schedule was used for the interviews. The research findings revealed low utilisation of post natal services was mainly due to the association that people have of associating hospitals and clinics with illness.The study revealed that majority of respondents had heard about postnatal clinic and how important this service is but they still failed to fully utilise the service for reasons stated above.
Maternal health services --Zambia --Utilization. , Child health services --Zambia --Utilization.