A study to determine factors contributing to the spread of tuberculosis in Kabwe urban - Zambia.

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Kabubi, Jenny Kamuya.
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The objective of the study was to establish the factors that contribute to the spread of Tuberculosis in Kabwe Urban. A descriptive and quantitative research design was used. A structural interview schedule was used to collect data from respondents.The study was conducted at Kabwe General Hospital, Chest Clinic. Fifty (50) patients between the ages of 15 years and 45 years consented to the study and filled in questionnaires. Results revealed that 90% of the patients lack knowledge on tuberculosis due to lack of information, education and communication by health workers, poor hygienic practices like spitting out sputum anywhere also contribute to the spread of Tuberculosis. Housing patterns are poor, leading to poor ventilation and overcrowding. In 90% cases, contact tracing has not been done. There is a poor referral system between health centers and the hospital.
Tuberculosis --Transmission. , Tuberculosis --Zambia.