A study to determine the knowledge, atitudes and practices of the community towards child labour in lusaka urban.

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Maliwa, Elizabeth M.
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The purpose of the study was to determine the knowledge, attitude and practices of the community towards child labour, in Lusaka Urban. It was hoped that the findings of the study would help health care providers to understand how to approach the problem of child labour. The health care providers are usually faced with numerous health problems and needs of the working child. These range from medical, mental, surgical, orthopaedics and social needs/problems. The areas pertinent to the study include literature review on the background of child labour, development of modern trends and initiatives that have been planned and instituted in an effort to eradicate child labour. The sample was drawn from John laing, kabwata, Kamanga, Rhodes Park and Chelston residential areas. Fifty (50) men and women were interviewed for the study. The findings revealed that an average, respondents had knowledge on child labour. However, they did not understand the implications that it had on the children's future, the health care system and the nation as a whole. This therefore implies that there is need to research more on the existing underground practices of child labour and measures that can be more effective in its eradication.
Child labor--Zambia.