Development of an impurities based profile or model for Nchanga Electrowon Cathodes

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Pule, Gershom
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The project was carried out at the Tailings Leach Plant of Konkola Copper Mine Pic in Chingola Zambia. The major objectives were to establish regions on the surface of the cathode that were prone to impurities such as lead, iron, sulphur and oxygen and to evaluate an existing mathematical model or develop a new one that computed the extent of affected regions on the cathode surface. This came from the background of having poor quality cathodes that did not meet market specifications. The poor quality cathodes revealed the exact locations of the said impurities through the study of their concentrations on cathodes. A square grid was plotted to cover the entire cathode surface and each grid point was analysed for the major impurities that have been contaminating the cathodes. The results were used to develop a physical model (Figure 4.3) and also to evaluate the existing mathematical models in literature (equations 4.2.1 and 4.2.2). The need to estimate or quantify the levels of impurities occurring on electrowon copper cathodes at Nchanga Tailings Leach Plant is important.
Mines student report,2010
Copper sulphate , Mines and mineral resources- Zambia , Copper processing industry- Zambia