Knowledge attitude and practice among nurses towards documentation of fluid balance chart at UTH Lusaka.

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Kalengo, Naomi.
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The main purpose of the study was to determine the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among nurses towards the documentation of fluid intake and output chart in clinical areas at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka. The major hypotheses were (1) the higher the knowledge on fluid balance chart, the better the practice and (2) There is an association between knowledge and practice on importance of documenting the fluid intake and output chart.A non - experimental descriptive cross sectional study was used and a total of 50 nurses were recruited in the study using convenient sampling method and a self administered questionnaire was used for data collection. The respondents in this study were from different departments at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) such as Peadiatrics, Obstetric/gynaecology, Medical and Surgical departments and Emergency Departments. Coding and editing of data was done after data collection. Data was analyzed manually, findings presented in frequency tables, pie charts and cross tabulations. The results of the study indicated that (60%) of the respondents had high knowledge of fluid balance chart documentation. Majority of the respondents (54%) had a positive attitude towards fluid balance chart documentation. Despite such a scenario the results still indicated that even though the respondents had high knowledge and positive attitude, (80%) of the respondents had an average practice of fluid balance chart documentation. The study findings also revealed that most of the respondents were females (84%), and majority of the respondents (52%) were in the ages 20-29 years.
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