Lecturers' attitude towards team teaching in social, spiritual and moral education: A case of Kitwe College of Education

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Mbulo, Mary
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The purpose of the research study was to study the Lecturers’ Attitude towards Team Teaching in Social, Spiritual and Moral Education (SSME) in the Primary Colleges of Education. The implementation of an integrated curriculum in Primary Colleges of Education led to a major shift from traditional solo teaching to Team Teaching. Inevitably, the change was met with mixed feelings among stakeholders, particularly the lecturers themselves, hence the study. The study used the qualitative approach through the grounded theory design. The eleven (11) participants of the study were drawn from a single College of Education, Kitwe College of Education. Data was collected through face to face interviews for the principal and four SSME lecturers, and a focus group discussion was carried out with six non-SSME lecturers. Observations of the SSME lecturers were conducted. The data was analysed thematically. The process of constant comparison was employed throughout the analysis from initial open coding until literature was integrated at the stage of theoretical development. The results of the study showed that lecturers had mixed views on the integrated curriculum in that they said they had no problem with the integrated curriculum and yet they also lamented that the same curriculum was challenging to the students. The nature of team teaching across the curriculum was collaborative because a variety of behaviours such as communication, information sharing, coordination, cooperation, problem solving and negotiation were displayed. Classroom team teaching has not firmly taken off across the study areas. The overall attitude towards team teaching was positive. Based on the foregoing findings, the study recommends that Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education should provide the necessary materials and infrastructure to facilitate the use of different forms of team teaching which is one of the teaching methodologies and teaching strategies of the 21st century. For further research: Establish in detail the factors that contribute to the use of serial arrangement in team teaching.
Teaching teams-Kitwe, Zambia