An exploration of science teacher educators' interpretation of activity-based teaching at Kitwe college

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Muma, Elias
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This study sought to describe respondents' conceptions of activity-based teaching, discuss how their conceptions of activity-based teaching influenced their own classroom practice and find out which activities respondents focused on as they employed their version of activity-based teaching. The research methodology of the study involved qualitative data which was collected through open-ended interview Schedule, open -ended Questionnaire, a Science Teaching Observation Schedule, and curriculum materials. The sample comprised nine science educators that were selected purposively to take part in the study. The data collected was analysed by both qualitative and quantitative techniques. The major findings of this study revealed that respondents' interpretation of activity-based teaching was associated with the teaching of both 'hands-on' activities and 'minds-orf activities to students. The study also revealed that group discussions were the most frequently used teaching style by the respondents. From these findings the study concluded that respondents" had fully grasped theoretical aspects of activity-based teaching of science,which was associated with the use of'hands-on" activities as well as "minds-orf activities of teaching. This study, therefore, argued the need for the respondents to 'marry' their 'verbal' interpretation of activity-based teaching with their actual classroom practice so that their teaching could cover 'hands-on' experiences as well as 'minds-on' experiences
Direct instruction , Activity programs in education , Science -- Study and teaching--Science -- Study and teaching , Education -- Experimental methods--Education -- Experimental methods