Causes and Strategies Towards Alleviating Challenges of Indiscipline Among Grade 12 Pupils in High Schools: A Case Study of Selected High Schools in Lusaka District

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Mundambo, Michael
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This study investigated the causes and strategies towards alleviating challenges of indiscipline among Grade 12 pupils in High Schools in Lusaka, Zambia. The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis and applied the Positivist Psychological theory of disruptive behaviour to the data. The main research instruments used were; questionnaires and interview guides. The samples for the research were 3 high schools in Lusaka district. These included: the Kamwala, Libala and David Kaunda Technical High schools.From the three high schools selected,116 Grade 12 pupils were drawn, 3 heads from the 3 selected high schools, 3 guidance and counseling teachers who worked as counselors in the school and 3 class teachers who taught Grade 12 classes from the 3 selected high schools were also included in the sample.Data were collected through questionnaires which were administered to pupils and teachers. Focus group discussions were used to collect data from the school managers and guidance and counseling teachers as well as class teachers. Other sources of data included reviewing of school documents such as report forms, registers and disciplinary records.Among the findings of the study, the following were the major ones with regard to causing indiscipline in high schools: lack of sensitivity by class teachers, peer pressure and drug abuse. The study also indicates that teachers need to be trained in conflict resolution so as to address conflicts that erupt in school/classes. There is need for high school pupils to be counseled when they are in their last grade as it was found that pupils indulge themselves in so many vices when they are in the last grade.The study established that challenges of indiscipline do not only affect the learning of pupils but also have an adverse effect on the entire community where these pupils are coming from. Therefore, the research recommended that teachers and other stakeholders should work together to address the challenges of indiscipline among the Grade 12 pupils in high schools by doing the following: training teachers in conflict resolution, sensitizing the pupils about peer pressure, drug abuse and providing psychosocial counseling to the pupils more especially when they are in their last grade.
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