Compliance to government regulations n the provision of education in selected private secondary schools of mazabuka district in the southern province

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Malembeka, Nebby
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University of Zambia
As alluded to by MOE (1996:57), “It is very undeniable that private secondary schools continue to play a great role in educational provision”. Private Secondary Schools being supplementary in educational provision to the government need to be in compliance to government regulations. Lack of compliance by private secondary schools, in education provision, may result into lowering the standards of education and this may necessitate them being closed by relevant authorities. There is little awareness as regards to private secondary schools’ compliance in operation of their institutions in following government regulations. So far no known study has been done in this area to provide information as regards to compliance on acceptable standards of private secondary schools. Therefore, this study endeavours to assess compliance to government regulations in the provision of education in selected private secondary schools of Mazabuka District of Southern Province of Zambia. The study used a descriptive research design. The sample size comprised 187 respondents and purposive sampling was applied. The study used a questionnaire to 150 selected pupils, a focus group discussion of five groups of six teachers, and an in-depth semi-structured interview of two Standards Officers and five private secondary school head teachers. Observation check list was also used for triangulation of the data and then data were analysed thematically Statistical and use of Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings of the study indicated that most of the private secondary schools in Mazabuka District of Southern Province were not compliant to Government regulations in the provision of Education. The research further revealed that most private secondary schools lacked appropriate infrastructure, instructional materials and qualified teachers for teaching in some subjects like in Mathematics and Science. The private secondary schools failed to adhere to the educational policies which call for the established private schools to have all the government documentation from the ministry of education and follow the prescribed curriculum of the country. The study recommended that the Ministry of General Education should regulate, monitor and standardise private secondary schools.