Constraints and possible solutions of implementing home based care programme by the Catholic Church in Kabwe

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Kaunda, Mwaba
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University of Zambia
The purpose of the study was to investigate constraints and possible solutions of implementing Home Based Care programmes by the Catholic Church in Kabwe District. The objectives were to; investigate stakeholders perceived benefits of the Home Based Care programme in Kabwe, establish the constraints faced by stakeholders in the implementation of the Home Based Care programme in Kabwe; and establish stakeholders suggested solutions to the constraints faced in the implementation of Home Based Care programme in Kabwe. The study was qualitative and employed a case study design. A sample comprising 100 (1 director, 9 coordinators and 90 caregivers) was drawn from three home based care centres. The participants were randomly and purposefully selected for the study. Purposive sampling was used to select the director and coordinators while caregivers were selected using simple random sampling. Information was obtained from participants using interview guides and focus group discussions. Qualitative data were coded and analysed using themes. The findings of the study revealed that the home based care programme had benefits such as the provision of monetary support to orphans and vulnerable children, health care to the sick and sensitizing people on HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. Lack of finances, infrastructure and proper training among caregivers were some of the constraints. Arising from the findings, the study made the following recommendations: Firstly, the Ministry of Health should conduct regular short meetings with caregivers and coordinators so that they gain knowledge and skills. Secondly, the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare should partner with Home Based Care centres in Kabwe in order to help the vulnerable children. Lastly, the Ministry of Health should help Don Bosco, Lukanga and Ngungu centres with health materials to sustain the programme.
Master of Education in Adult Education
Home care services -- Zambia , Home care – Zambia