The nature of infrastructure in teaching and learning design and technology in Technology Studies at Kitwe College of Education

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Mubangwe, Mubangwe
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University of Zambia
The research was carried out at Kitwe College of Education of Copperbelt province. Its major objective was to examine the nature of infrastructure in teaching and learning Design and Technology in Technology Studies in Teacher Education Institution. The study is grounded in the constructivist theory and it used a mixed method design. Respondents consist of the principal and the head of department, 4 lecturers and 100 students that were randomly selected using the multi-stage sampling technique from a pool of full time and distance students. The data collection instruments were questionnaire, interview and observation. A statistical package of SPSS and Microsoft Office Excel 2010 was used in analysing responses from the respondents. The data analysis was done using statistical tools such as percentages, frequenGi"es, means and grand means. Quantitative data from students were collected using questionnaire and from the principal and lecturers the researcher obtained qualitative data through interview guide. This study is similar to studies done by Mulinda on Factors Affecting Utilisation of Industrial Arts Department in Secondary Schools in Lusaka district, although the focus is different. This research works focus on reducing the knowledge gaps in colleges of education in Zambia on the nature of infrastructure for teaching and learning Design and Technology. The result of the study reveals that the four (4) built Industrial Arts workshops infrastmcture with machinery and equipment are no longer used as were intended. Kitwe College of education has turned its workshops infrastructure for teaching Design and Technology into ordinary classrooms. This implies that the quality assurance practice of training teachers equip to handle or teacher Design and Technology after training remains questionable. Result also reveals ttiat there is a significant relationship between the infi-astructure for teaching and learning Design and Technology with the trainee teacher's academic and professional performance. The study concludes that education is an important tool for national development and preparation of an individual for a better life in adulthood. To achieve this. Teacher Education plays an important role to produce a well-balanced individual who will fit in classroom, school, and society and contribute positively for his or her own good and society at large. Hence, good, modem and quality infrastructure is important in training teachers more especially in practical subjects.
Master of Education in Educational Management
Educational technology -- Zambia , College teaching -- Aids and devices