Effective classroom management by teachers to improve pupils learning process at Nyimba Boarding Secondary School

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Phiri, Moses Foster
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University of Zambia
This research is about how effective classroom management can be achieved so that pupils' learning process could be improved in our learning institutions. Effective classroom management is about more than order and simply following rules. An effective classroom is where genuine learning occurs. Allen, (1996) points out that an effective classroom is a place where students are engaged and helped to achieve their intended or desired learning outcomes or objectives. Rules are good and important, but they're not in themselves the objectives, but they help to address problems that may arise in a classroom for the learning process of pupils to be enhanced. The objectives that guided the study included factors influencing effective classroom management to improve pupils learning process, the challenges of effective classroom management faced by teachers during the teaching process and possible measures that could be put in place by teachers to improve pupils learning process. The study employed a descriptive research design. This method was used because of its advantage of collecting qualitative data. It enabled the researcher to obtain opinions of the representative sample of the target population who provided answers as to why ineffective classroom management by teachers could be the reason why pupil learning process is inadequate. This design was also chosen because the study relied more on qualitative research methods. The findings of this study have shown that effective classroom management can be achieved by good classroom organization, culture, discipline and motivation. Despite the availability of this knowledge, many learning institutions world over have continued experiencing poor classroom management which has adversely affected pupils learning process at different stages of their education and Nyimba boarding secondary school in particular is not exceptional to this problem. For the past few years, the performance of pupils at the school in both examination and non-examination classes have drastically declined and this has created anxiety among many interested stakeholders who wish to know the reasons why this is happening so that corrective measures could be put in place to create a possible conducive learning environment. It was from this background that the research was conducted to learn how effective classroom management of activities by teachers could improve pupils' learning process.
Classroom management -- Zambia , Effective teaching , Behaviour modification