Research report on the effectiveness of team work in improving teacher's performance in Mporokoro District

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Chitondo, Dorothy
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University of Zambia
The purpose of the research was to determine the effectiveness of team work in improving secondary school teachers' performance in Mporokoso district. The factors such as scheduling inadequate time for collaboration as mentioned was one of the factors that affected teamwork or teambuilding activities. The lack of commitment by some teachers was mentioned by some respondents as a factor affecting teambuilding activities to enhance teacher performance. While irregular collaboration meetings were highlighted by respondents as one of the factors affecting teamwork or teambuilding activities. Lack of atmosphere for mutual trust among teachers and school administration was justified by respondents as another factor affecting teamwork collaboration. According to the findings, most teachers involved in teachers' network communities were actively engaged in ongoing activities that connected them to other classroom practitioners who could help them "raise their games." Benefits of teambuilding activities helped to developed better relationships with parents and guardians. It enabled teachers to gained knowledge and skills in teaching. It also assisted in maintaining relationship networks with colleagues. Teacher effectiveness has less to do with individual attributes, and far more to do with the extent to which teachers work with each other and provide collective leadership for their schools and communities. Mentoring has been shown to increase new recruits in pedagogical practices, teaching effectiveness, and retention. However, new studies suggest that teachers at any experience level stand to gain from collaborative work. Teachers who have consistent opportunities to work with effective colleagues also improve in their teaching effectiveness
Master of Education in Educational Management
Teaching teams -- Zambia. , Teaching -- Zambia.