National Health Strategic Plan (2011-2015)

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Ministry of Health
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University of Zambia, Medical Library
Since 1992, the Zambian Government has been implementing significant health sector reforms, aimed at strengthening health service delivery in order to improve the health status of Zambians. The reforms have yielded significant results in form of strengthened health systems, improved access to health care and improved health outcomes as reported in the 2007 Zambia Demographic Health Survey. However, these achievements are yet to put Zambia on course to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. The country has remained under significant pressure to further reduce the disease burden and improve the health status of Zambians. This plan is therefore an attempt to significantly impact on service delivery and accelerate the attainment of the MDGs and other national priorities. This National Health Strategic Plan (NHSP) 2011-2015 is the fifth in the series of the strategic plans implemented under these reforms. The plan presents a major departure from the past strategic plans, in that the plan is organised around the World Health organisation (WHO) health system building blocks rather than disease or target group programs. Key programs like roll back malaria, maternal and child health remain important but these are never delivered in a vacuum and hence the need to strengthen the entire health system. A further departure from previous plans is that while it is recognised that all health care interventions are important and should continue to receive the necessary levels of support, prioritisation of interventions is of critical importance as the resources and capabilities available are significantly constrained. The focus of the plan is, therefore, high impact interventions which is also the reason the Marginal Budgeting for Bottlenecks was used as the costing methodology for the plan. The Ministry of Health (MoH) is committed to reorganise and manage the sector in an efficient,effective and prudent manner that would significantly improve health service delivery. It is my considered view that, with appropriate levels of commitment and support from the Government, Cooperating Partners, health workers and other key stakeholders, this Plan would significantly improve the health status of Zambians and significantly contribute to national development. I therefore, urge all the people involved in the implementation of this plan to fully dedicate themselves to this important national assignment. My Ministry will remain committed to ensuring the successful implementation of this plan.
Towards attainment of health related Millennium Development Goals and Other National Health Priorities in a clean, caring and Competent environment.
Health reforms--Zambia , World Health Organisation--Zambia , Health Strategic Plan--Zambia
Ministry of Health (2011). National Health Strategic Plan (2011-2015)