Eclampsia in Lusaka

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Thakkar, U.
Wacha, D.S.O.
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Medical Journal of Zambia
A method of management of 46 cases of Eclampsia has been presented. Use of Diazepam (Valium)as a sedative and an anticonvulsant along with the approach of less conservatism, in the sense employment of caesarean section unless delivery is imminent within 4 to 6 hours are the salient features of the study. The mortality rate of 6.52% and perinatal mortality rate of 20.0% (corrected) are analysed. It has been observed that the course of disease in this particular community is usually acute giving no alarming sign or symptoms until just before the convulsions start. The proportion of postpartum Eclampsia is 37.20% and there is need for further research. Eclampsia will remain a threat to the community until better obstetric care and improved transport facilities are offered with early acceptance of hospitalization (when indicated) on the part of patient.
Management of Eclampsia in Zambia
Thakkar, U. and Wacha, D.S.O. (1981). Eclampsia in Lusaka. Medical Journal of Zambia. 15 (4)