Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy

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Wadrawa, S.
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Medical Journal of Zambia.
Unilateral tubal ,twin pregnancy was first reported by de Ott in 1891. The subject has been reviewed by various authors (Lash and Kaufan 1942; and Loh 1962) and to-date only eighty-seven cases have been reported in the literature (Storch and Petric, 1976). Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy is less common than combined intrauterine and extrauterine tubal pregnancy and bilateral tubal twin pregnancy is next rare. Only four cases of triplet pregnancy and one case of quintuplet tubal gestation have been reported so far. Preoperative diagnosis of unilateral multiple pregnancy is extremely difficult. The etiology appears to be the same as involved in single tubal gestation. A family history of twin pregnancy is not always found. A case of unilateral tubal twin pregnancy is reported. This is a rare condition, and this report presents the eighty- eighth case reported in the English literature.
Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy
Unilateral Tubal Twin Pregancy , Twins , Pregnancy, Twin , Pregnancy, Tubal
Wadrawa, S. (1980). Unilateral tubal twin pregnancy. Medical Journal of Zambia. 14 (5)