Obstetrical performance in elderly Zambian parturients`

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Wadhawan, S.
Narone, R.K.
Narone, J.N.
Wacha, D.S.O.
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Medical Journal of Zambia.
The Obstetrical performance of elderly parturients (aged 40 and above) who delivered at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka during 1979 and 1980, has been analysed. There were 39,109 deliveries in the two years period, out of which 391 mothers were of 40 years or above , giving an incidence of 1.0%. There were 32 mothers above the age of 45 an incidence of 0.08%. Analysis of these mothers revealed that 87.2% of them were grand multi para with maximum parity of 16. Incidence of breech, toxamia, malpresentation and multiple pregnancy were observed in the series but there was no maternal death recorded in the present study.
The Obstetrical performance of elderly parturients at the university Teaching Hospital, Zambia
Obstetrics--Zambia , Pregnancy--Zambia , Labor, Obstetric--Zambia
Wadhawan, S., Narone, R. K., Narone, J. N. and Wacha, D.S.O. (1980). Obstetrical Performance in Elderly Zambian Parturients. Medical Journal of Zambia. 14 (4)