Tuberculosis and pregnancy

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Mwaba, P.
Kasolo, F.
Chintu, C.
Kasonka, L.
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Medical Journal of Zambia.
Tuberculosis is a disease of antiquities and it has been there since medieval times though according to literature, It is no older than the first conception of Adam's wife. Despite the extensive studies on tuberculosis and it being declared a global emergency, very little literature from the developing world is available on the interaction of this disease and pregnancy. There is a serious lack of information form those countries that bear the greatest burden of the disease particularly southern Africa where the duo epidemic of tuberculoses and HiV threaten the post independence gains in education, health, economic and other sectors of the economy, The scanty information on the impact of tuberculosis- a disease with effective chemotherapy- on pregnancy raises serious ethical and moral issues, which this paper will attempt to address.
Tuberculosis and pregnancy
Tuberculosis--zambia , Pregnancy--Zambia
Mwaba, P., Kasonka, L., Kasolo, F. and Chintu, C. (2003). Tuberculosis and pregnancy. Medical Journal of Zambia. Vol. 3 (4)