Lymphosarcoma of the Stomach: A Case Report.

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Mampilly, J.
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Medical Journal of Zambia
Lymphosarcoma of the stomach is a rare, forming 1 to 5% of the total gastric neoplasms (AIIen et al. 1954), Azopardi and Menzies (1960). The pancity of lympoid tissue in the stomach accounts for the rarity of this condition (Ackerman 1964). Lympho sarcomatosis (Ackerman 1964) From the history of two and half years of gastric symptoms and a very short duration of the swelling in the neck, it is possible that this case was a primary lymposarcoma of the stomach. Due to vague symptomatology, a precise preoperative diagnosis is difficult. Clinical features suggest carcinoma of the stomach. In 80% of cases radiological studies are in favour malignancy of the stomach (Loehr et al 1969).
A case of lymphosarcoma of the stomach which was diagnosed pre-operatively by biopsy of a supraclavicular lymph node.
Lymphatic Sarcoma,Stomach--Zambia , Lymphosarcoma of Stomach--Zambia , Lymphoma, Malignant--Zambia
Mampilly, J. (1977). Lymphosarcoma of the Stomach: A Case Report. Medical Journal of Zambia. 11 (4)