The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Girl Child secondary school education: A Case of some schools in Kafue district

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Siame, Charles
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This dissertation is a study of the impact of cost-sharing on girl child education in some schools in Kafue district. Its main objective is to investigate the impact of cost sharing in education from a gender perspective.Data were collected from three categories of respondents: a) Pupils, b) Parents/ Caregivers and c) Headteachers. The study was approached from the combined method of quantitative and qualitative designs, utilising questionnaires, interviews and discussions. The main findings of the study indicate that cost-sharing has affected attendance, performance and retention of pupils in schools. The girl children are the most adversely affected and most of them stop school due to direct or indirect effects of cost-sharing. The major conclusion of the study is that parents and Caregivers have accepted cost-sharing and are willing to meet the requirements. Unfortunately the harsh economic conditions are making it very difficult for the poor households to sustain the cost sharing measures. In conclusion, therefore, it is recommended that cost-sharing should continue, but the government, schools, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders should improve on the distribution of bursaries to the orphans and other vulnerable children especially in rural areas. And in addition to the above government, should strive to improve both the national and house hold economies by creating opportunities for income generating activities.
Cost sharing in education-Zambia , Girl Child education-Zambia