A Study on Sexual Harassement of Women in Workplaces: A Case study of selected Public and Private Organisations in Ndola, Zambia

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Zandonda, Precious Ngandu Namabilo
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Using qualitative and quantitative paradigms, this study investigated the extent and prevalence of sexual harassment of women in workplaces in Ndola, Zambia. It also examined the forms and patterns of sexual harassment, and assessed the channels available to lodging complaints related to harassment in workplaces. The sample was drawn from a representative sample of 160 female employees from selected private and public organisations. The study used semi-structured questionnaires as a tool for data collection.Findings showed that sexual harassment in workplaces is very high with 69% of respondents claiming having been victims; 75% were not aware of any sexual harassment policies in their workplace; and that sexual harassment exists in various forms and women have different views of what constitutes sexual harassment. These findings imply that female employees are being subjected to unsafe work environments that can affect their emotional and physical health. It also implies that sexual harassment is an uninvited embarrassing, humiliating behaviour and workplace violence.In conclusion, this study, though exploratory in nature, clearly indicates seriousness of the problem. Sexual harassment policy and law must therefore catch up with this reality. Actors at different levels need to play a role in the prevention and in offering protection and support for victims.
Sexual Harassment , Sexual Harassement--Women--Workplace