Conceptualization and definition of a curriculum.

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Mulenga, Innocent Mutale
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Journal of Lexicography and Terminology
Some years ago in my first semester of graduate studies, my mentor, Paul Ogula, introduced me to the idea that curriculum is “the world in drag,” the way we dice up the experience of the world into tidy but arbitrary packages until it is again recoded as it enters the ceremonies, structures, and rituals of schooling. I puzzled over this idea for some time, working to reconcile my initial understanding of curriculum drawn from my years of classroom practice as a secondary school teacher. Even in defining curriculum at its most basic understanding one will find himself surrounded by a myriad of definitions. This paper offers a basis for scholars aiming at theoretical and experiential guidance for conceptualization of the word curriculum. Rooted in the literature of philosophy of education, some assumed meanings of curriculum and the theoretical and experiential views of several scholars, the author illustrates the foundational elements and dimensions of curriculum that ought not to miss in a valid definition of the word.
Curriculum implementation. , Curriculum development.