Unearthing motives that propel pre-service teachers venture into special education career at the university of Zambia.

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Muleya, Gistered
Simui, Francis
Muzata, Kenneth, Kapalu
Masaiti, Gift
Mphahlele, Shila
Pitsoe, Victor, J
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American Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 8, No. 9
This study contributes to the discourse on the motives that propel pre-service teachers venture into special education. Studies on education are not yet conclusive on why special schools should continue to experience shortage of teachers in special education when universities churn-out graduates in the field every year, thereby questioning the motive of special education students. In this case study, we interrogated the motives of pre-service teachers that propelled them to venture in Special education at the University of Zambia. The findings indicate that a minority had intention of pursuing special education from the onset, while the majority never desired to pursue special education. Pre-service teachers were propelled by a strong desire to advocate for Human Rights of the marginalised, become inclusive teachers, and amass economical gains. Overall, the findings of this study have serious ramification as they show the need for curriculum transformation in favour of inclusive education.
Inclusive education. , Higher education. , Motives. , Pre-service teachers. , Special education. ,