Processing and issuance of certificate of title deeds at the ministry of lands and natural resources in Lusaka district.

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Mushibwe, Jenala Monica
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The University of Zambia
The study investigated the processing and issuance of certificate of title deeds at the Ministry of Lands and Natural resources in Lusaka District. The study was guided by four research objectives: a). to document how title deeds are processed and the standard time of processing and issuing of title deeds at the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources b). To determine why tittle deeds take long to process Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources c). To ascertain how the processing and issuance of title deeds can be met within the standard time. The study used a mixed methods design to collect data from a sample of 120 participants. Data was collected from employees from the Ministry of Lands, landowners and Meanwood Property Developers officers using a questionnaire and an interview guide. The study findings revealed that the standard time for processing and issuing of title deeds was dependent on how soon the client presented the full documentation to the Ministry of Lands and how consistent the client made follow ups to ensure the paperwork was worked on. The stipulated three months’ time was not always applicable to the common citizens. Further findings established that title deeds which were processed by individual clients took long to come out because the paperwork was not well completed, and they did not have sufficient time to make follow ups. The clients who did not make follow ups with incomplete paperwork had their files misplaced in the long ran and blamed the Ministry for not issuing the title. The processing of the title deeds at the Ministry of Lands was manually done and there was no electronic notifications, but physical check up on the progress until the process was completed. Property developers processed titles faster than individuals because they were familiar with the process. The study recommended that the Ministry of Lands should employ an online system of contacting the clients after lodgment of documents so that they are notified on the next stage of their paper processing of the title deeds. This can be done by linking the file number for the client to their email and phone numbers so that an automatic message is sent to the client on what needs to be done next. Key words: title deeds, certificates, Ministry of Lands
Land titles--Zambia. , Land titles--Registration and transfer--Zambia. , Conveyancing--Zambia. , Land tenure--Zambia.