Lived experiences of learners of computer studies at Mutende and Kombaniya secondary schools of Mansa district, Zambia.

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Chewe, Mwansa Mulenga
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The University of Zambia
The focus of the study was to investigate Lived experiences of Learners of Computer Studies at Mutende and Kombaniya Secondary schools of Mansa District. The objectives of the study were to: investigate what knowledge, skills and attitudes have been acquired by learners in the subject in relation to targeted outcomes of the syllabus; investigate how learners apply the knowledge gained in Computer Studies subject; establish the topics in the syllabus which learners find to be difficult; and establish whether the content of the syllables is appropriate for learners at their level. A sample of a Senior Education Standard Officer, two (02) teachers and twelve (12) learners was purposively drawn from two secondary schools in Mansa District. Intrinsic Case Study research design was utilised. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, and non-participant observation. Data was analysed using intrinsic case study analysis. The study found that the learners lived experienced in computer studies subject proved to be twofold, theoretical and practical, on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the learners not only acquired and but applied. The knowledge was in two forms life-long technological skills such as browsing, typing and researching via internet. Knowledge was also revealed in attitudes such as security conscious from switching on/off computers, observing sitting positions, to how to relate with knowledge and skills with the rest of the world generally. The study also revealed some of the difficult topics that learners faced in computer studies subject and how they had met them. Furthermore, the study revealed triangulation from the teachers and senior education standards officer, who also exposed the appropriateness of the computer studies subject to the learners’ level. The study recommended to have increased learner performance and acquisitions of knowledge therefore the need for more modernization of the teaching methodology, engage learners in projects that aim to improve economic strands/activities; CDC and Government officials to work together with the subject specialists or consider recommendations from CPD and subject seminar meetings; and formation of an independent Computer Studies subject body, Association and department, that would plan and allocate tasks from specialist counsel.
Computers. , Education-Data processing. , Computer studies.