Exploring systems and nature of the unplanned settlements: implications on peace and security in the community: a case study of three unplanned settlements in Lusaka district, Zambia.

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Lubasi, Chewu Belinda
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The University of Zambia
The study sought to establish systems and nature of unplanned settlements in three unplanned settlements in Lusaka district and determine its implication on peace and security on communities. The objectives of the study were to; establish the prevalence of unplanned settlements and their implications on peace and security in the community, investigate factors contributing to unplanned settlements in communities of Lusaka district, determine the extent to which these unplanned settlements contribute and impede peace and security in communities and to identify challenges associated with unplanned settlements in the communities. The study was qualitative in nature and a case study design was adopted. The population of the study comprised LCC staff, LGM official, MPs and the WDCs. A sample of 31 purposively selected participants from the above said population and the emerging themes were presented using thematic analysis and verbatim. The results showed that most of the respondents understood what unplanned settlements were and the implication of leaving in such settlements. However, despite residents knowing the disadvantages of these informal settlements, they felt that such places were good enough as they allowed them accessibility to the central business district. The findings further revealed that such places were a haven of criminal activities. The findings also revealed that high growth rate per annum and lack of clear policies on urban and regional planning Act contribute to the establishment of unplanned settlements. The study further noted that Local Authorities had not been doing enough sensitization on the dangers of informal settlements. The study revealed some of the challenges as lack of service provision and social amenities, posing a huge challenge in these informal settlements of Lusaka district. The study further concluded that unplanned settlements lacked law enforcement strategies that could lessen crime and based on the findings, the study further recommended that all local development actors should put strategies in place to ensure peace and security is upheld in the three unplanned settlements of Lusaka district.
Squatter settlements--Zambia. , Zambia--Social conditions.