Implementation of continuing professional development in secondary schools in Lufunsa district, Lusaka province, Zambia.

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Mulenga, Bwembya Bertha
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The University of Zambia
The study endeavored to assess the implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in secondary schools of Lufunsa District. The purpose of this study was to ascertain on how teachers’ teaching delivery skills can be enhanced through implementation of CPD at the same time, to assess the benefits of CPD to pupils in relation their academic performance. Hence the focus was on the content of CPD, the implementation and the views of teacher about CPD implementation. The main objective the research was to investigate how Continuing Professional Development was being implemented in secondary schools of Lufunsa district. The main specific objectives were to establish the content of CPD being offered in secondary schools of Lufunsa district; to assess how CPD was implemented in secondary schools of Lufunsa district and to assess the views of teachers on the implementation of CPD in secondary schools of Lufunsa district. The research design that was employed in the study was the concurrent nested design which used a mixed approach. The approaches used were qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative approach was mainly used with qualitative embedded in it. This enabled the researcher to interact with the research participants in order to collect in-depth data. Purposive sampling was used to select CPD coordinators, standard officers, and head teachers. This was so by virtue of the nature of their jobs and them being great informants to the study. Purposive sampling was also used to come up with the school samples. However for the sampling of the teachers who participated in the research, Simple random sampling technique was used. Data was compiled, checked and analyzed using thematic analysis with simple tables from qualitative part of research while figures, and charts was generated from excel and Social Pack for Social Sciences (SPSS) to address quantitative part of research and the appropriate findings were that; CPD, is very important in that it enables acquisition of knowledge to both teachers and pupils. Besides, teachers gained confidence in lesson delivery and learner achievement was enhanced. The main content of CPD depends on the school respective department but mostly done through lesson study cycles every school term. Implementation was done at school level in various departments. There were also CPD cluster meetings which brought teacher from various schools together for the enhancement of collaboration and team work. The majority of teachers; perception pertaining their views on CPD, was that it is very helpful as it enables teachers to discuss some of the challenging topics within department and at cluster level by so doing it tended to improve their knowledge at the same time, it enhances teachers delivery skills.
Implementation of Continuing Professional Development--secondary schools