Effects of emergent financial lending institution on the economy: the case of small and medium enterprises in Kasama district of Northern province of Zambia.

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Kapapi, Peter Jameson
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The University of Zambia
Small and medium enterprises is an engine for the country’s economic development of any healthy nation. These businesses pray a pivotal role through creation of employment the most and major of a country population and also through contribution to the country Gross National Product. The study was conducted in Kasama district of northern province to ascertain the effects emergent financial lending institution on the economy a case of SMEs. And sought to establish the extent to which SMEs are benefiting from these lending institutions. During data collection the targeted population were lending institution both banking and non-banking lending institution as well as SMEs, during data collection questionnaires and interview were used to lending institutions and SMEs respectively after which quantitative data was analyzed using Excel. The result obtained shows that most of Small and medium enterprise are un able to get financial assistant from these financial lending institutions despite an overwhelming increase in the number of the in the district and some of the attribute to failure to access such finances are as a result of failure by most SMEs to provide equivalent collateral and high interest rates among others. The study has established that most SMEs fails to meet the requirements for accessing finance, hence there is need to put in place regularities by the regulating bodies that will lessen the requirement in accessing finances as this has distanced most SMEs accessing finances thereby reducing the economic activities to improve through SMEs. It is therefore sought to recommend that future researcher should dwell much on the need and way in which SMEs can be financed owing that when there is an increase in lending institution there should also be an increase support for SMEs.
Financial lending institutions--Effect of.