An assessment of the quality service provided to children with special education needs in Zambian primary schools.

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Daka, Harrison
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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI)
The study was looking at an assessment of the quality service provided to children with special education needs marginalized children in Zambian primary schools. Its main objectives were; to find out how teachers handle children with special education needs and the strategic plan school administrators have put in place in providing quality service to children with special needs. The study was a purely qualitative and employed a descriptive design. It targeted all primary school administrators and teachers in primary schools in Lusaka district. Data was collected using interviews (open ended questions). The collected data was analyzed using thematic analysis and the results were as follows: teachers handled learners with special needs by giving them special attention, this was done in different ways depending on the attention the teacher wanted. The study also revealed that most of the teachers made sure that the learners with special needs were always put in front of the classroom in order for easy and proper guidance. The study further revealed that the best strategy that most of the school administrators used was motivation. Teachers were motivated by being recognized by the administration through giving of prizes to teachers who had improved slow learners capabilities. The study recommended that assessments and screening for learning disabilities should be carried out in order to identify learners with learning challenges and be able to meet their need. Key words: Children with special needs, strategies, inclusiveness, quality service
Children with disabilities--Education.