Challenges being encountered in the teaching of social studies in two primary and two secondary schools in Petauke district.

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Ngoma, Abby
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The University of Zambia
The study sought to find out the challenges being encountered in the teaching of integrated Social Studies Subject in line with the 2013 revised curriculum. The objectives of the study were to: Establish availability of teaching and learning materials in the selected Schools; ascertain time allocated and teaching methods and approaches used in Social Studies in the selected Schools and explore views of learners and teachers on the integrated Social Studies. The study used the case study design which employed qualitative strategy in order to efficiently address matters raised by the research questions. The methods of data collection included semi structured interviews, focus group discussion and lesson observation, using the semi structured interview guides, lesson observation checklist and focus group discussion guide. The target population included all the pupils and teachers of Social Studies in selected Schools and the Education Standards Officer from the District Education office. Purposive and simple random techniques were both used by the researcher to select the respondents. The findings of the study were that; Schools do not have enough teaching and learning materials like books and audio-Visio aids like projectors that are in line with the revised curriculum, teachers mostly employed lecture method and question and answer and that, pupils complain about time allocation which is not enough and that the subject is bulk. The study further revealed that some schools are using unqualified teachers (primary certificate holders) who are teaching the subject on secondments. Based on the findings written above, the study recommends that: Schools should be funded with appropriate text books and other teaching and learning materials that are in line with the revised curriculum, Time allocated to Social Studies subject should increase and that the government through the Ministry of General Education (MOGE) should employ many qualified teachers to teach Social Studies.
Social sciences--Study and teaching (Early childhood)