Factors hindering adoption and utilization of information communication technology in selected district education board secretaries (debs) offices in Luapula province, Zambia.

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Subulwa, Mwiya
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The University of Zambia
This study investigated the factors that hinder the adoption and utilization of ICT in selected District Education Board Secretaries (DEBS) offices in Luapula Province, Zambia. The factors were identified through a survey that was conducted at DEBS offices in three selected districts of Luapula Province. Before data was collected from the field, the researcher had a review of related literature on the studies that have already been undertaken in line with the adoption of ICT in education management in Zambia and elsewhere. Indications from the review were that the generic focus of previous studies was either on the integration of ICT in teaching and learning or the adoption of ICT in education management in schools and not at district management level. Hence, Investigations on the adoption of ICT by district education managers still remained an empty space. This is what this study sort to fulfill. In this study, data was collected through interviews with the District Education Board Secretaries while a questionnaire was administered on other education managers like the District Education Standards Officers, Education Standards Officers, Human Resource Management Officers, District Planning Officers, and District Accounts Officers in the selected districts. The finding of this study revealed lack of familiarity of ICT resources and lack of ICT skills as the two greatest challenges to ICT adoption at DEBS offices. The study recommended that major ideas, promoting utilization of ICT resources and development of sustainable ICT programs.
ICTs--Use of. , Adoption of ICTs.