Challenges and solutions to the existence of african traditional system of conflict resolutions in Nangoma ward in Mumbwa district.

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Nyundo, Adam
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The University of Zambia
This research was a partial fulfillment for the award of a degree of Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution. It was conducted in Nangoma ward of Mumbwa District. The purpose of this study was to investigate challenges and finding out solutions to the existence of African Traditional Systems of conflict resolution in Nangoma ward of chief Shakumbila in Mumbwa District. The specific objectives were to identify methods of conflict resolution in African traditional society of Nangoma ward as well as to determine the effectiveness of African Traditional systems of resolving conflicts in Nangoma ward. The other objective investigated challenges to the existence of African traditional systems of resolving conflict in Nangoma ward. The last objective sought to identify measures that can be put in place to overcome the challenges African traditional system of resolving conflict is facing in Nangoma ward. It requires mentioning that, the study used qualitative approach, which enabled the researcher to come into direct contact with the respondents whose information about the problem, was collected. A sample of 30 consisting of five village heads (one village Head from each village) and five residents from each of the five villages was drawn from the population of about 3000 people. The study used simple random sampling and purposive sampling to pick villages and village residents respectively. The study also employed guided interviews and focus group discussions as data collection instruments. The research findings showed that, elders and village heads that were at the centre of traditional system of conflict resolution were not given respect by subjects. This meant that elders had lost power of presiding over cases and as such people had lost confidence in them. Apart from that, population growth had also contributed to the challenges African traditional system of resolving conflicts was facing. Therefore, among measures to be taken, there is need to strengthen the newly formed traditional council. This council should embark on awareness (sensitization) programmes that would educate people about their culture so that they get back to their roots and there is need to amend the constitution to empower elders and village heads with authority so that they preside over cases properly.
Conflict management--Africa.