Evaluating the establishment an effective approach to implementing the procurement plan : a case of ministry of health.

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Musenga, Faith.C.
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of the study was to evaluate the establishment of an effective approach to implementing the Procurement Plan in the Ministry of Health. This was under the pragmatism paradigm and used a questionnaire and interview guide to collect the data for the study. This study employed a mixed method design using an explanatory approach. The study population included Procuring Entities at the Ministry of Health headquarters and Lusaka Province. The sample size of 60 was derived using purposive sampling. 52 responded to the administered questionnaires representing an 87% response rate. Qualitative data from interviews were analysed thematically while quantitative data was analysed using SPSS V23.0 and descriptive statistics were generated to interpret data using means and standard deviations. The study found that the procedures which were involved in the establishment of the procurement plan at the Ministry of Health were followed and this was represented by a mean range of 3.8077-4.1731. The study also found that there were various elements that included erratic funding, corruption, lack of priority following, lack of ICT skills by personnel and stakeholder involvement that posed as challenges. The study proposed an approach that procurement should follow which included a seven step procedure: Thus, an effective approach to implementing the Procurement Plan in the Ministry of Health could be established. Key words: Procurement Planning, Ministry of Health, Effective Approach, e-Government Procurement , Procuring Entity
Procurement Plan--Ministry of health. , Procurement planning--Health.