Major causes of organ/carcass condemnation resultant financial loss estimates in cattle slaughtered in Wau abattoirs, South Sudan.

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Hassan, Alfateh, Alfateh, Abdomnem Taha.
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The University of Zambia
Slaughterhouses in South Sudan mirror the economic losses resulting from organ and carcass condemnation due to livestock zoonotic and epizootic diseases such as bovine tuberculosis, cysticercosis, and hydatidosis. However, due to the war in South Sudan, record keeping has been inconsistent, and thus the estimation of disease and its impact may be underestimated. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the major causes of carcass and organ condemnation in cattle slaughtered at the Lokoloko abattoir and to estimate the direct financial losses. A five-year (2015-2020) database of condemned cattle carcasses and organs from the Lokoloko abattoir in Wau, South Sudan was retrieved and analysed. In addition, fresh meat inspections were carried out for two months (January and February 2021) with a focus on all diseases and their associated financial losses due to total and partial cattle carcass condemnation. Data were cleaned and analysed to obtain frequencies and percentage using SPSS version 26.A budgetary analysis was used to generate financial losses from partial or complete carcass condemnation. Results revealed that a total of 25,002 cattle were slaughtered over a period of five years. Out of this, 3430 were found to have general tuberculosis representing a prevalence of 13.7% and financial losses of 1 equivalent to 186,184 (USD).This was followed by cysticercosis, with 2350 cases representing a prevalence of 9.1% and financial loss of USD 114,215.Liver was the organ that was mostly associated with partial condemnation due to Fasciolosis, with a total of 2350 cases giving a prevalence of 9.4% and financial loss of USD178,527.Liver Hydatidosis recorded a total of 2,340 cases giving a prevalence of 9.4% and financial loss amounting to 400 USD followed by lungs pneumonia with a total of 3121(12.5%) cases and financial losses amounting to USD 54,570. Bovine Tuberculosis, a disease of public health had the highest prevalence and financial losses. There is need for public health education to avoid eating raw and undercooked meat, proper disposal of condemned organs, improved cattle management system, treatment of animals with anti-helminthic drugs.
Bovine tuberculosis , Bovine tuberculosis. , Tuberculosis in cattle. , Cysticercosis. , Hydatidosis.