Views of stakeholders outside the education sector on the basic school curriculum: an activity under the BESSIP component of basic school curriculum development.

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Chakulimba, O.
Ndhlovu, B.Z.
Chimpandu, B.
Moloka, H
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Curriculum Development Centre, MOE
The study was aimed at capturing the views and ideas of Stakeholders (Parents, Church Leaders, Employers of companies, Public Sector, Trade Unions, NGOs, Students, Pupils and Youth) on what should be included in the Curriculum. The survey endeavoured to find out the views on; existing Basic Education Curriculum in Zambia, ideas on the 'ideal' curriculum, views on how they expected the curriculum to be delivered, aims and purposes of formal education and their views on the Basic Education in general. The survey covered five Provinces of Zambia covering One Thousand Six Hundred five (1605) stakeholders. A questionnaire was the main instrument of data collection supplemented by interviews.
This was a commissioned Research under BESSIP for the review of the Basic School Curriculum in Zambia.
Curriculum Development Centre (Zambia) , Education--Zambia--Curricula. , Education--Research--Zambia. , Curriculum planning--Zambia.
MOE, CDC (2000)