Development of web-based GIS for the management of boreholes: a case of Chilenje and Chalala townships.

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Mulabita, Ruth
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The University of Zambia
Domestic and commercial groundwater usage is inevitable in the absence of adequate utility water supply in terms of availability, quality, cost and pressure. This may lead to people accessing ground water via the use of boreholes. In some areas boreholes are drilled for business purposes. There are different mechanisms for drilling these boreholes. The massive borehole drilling has a great effect on ground water. The ground water might be contaminated as these boreholes are sunk right next to septic tanks. An improperly designed, located, constructed, or maintained septic system can leak bacteria, viruses, household chemicals, and other contaminants into the groundwater causing serious problems. In order to control and manage the usage of ground water responsible authorities require the necessary type of information to support decision-making and access to the resource. The objective of this study was to develop a Mobile based geographical information system for the management of boreholes in Chalala and Chilenje Townships. A mobile phone GPS facility was used to map the boreholes. This connects to the geographical information systems (GIS) database that stores all spatial data for the operational areas. An Android Mobile phone was acquired and the GEO-ODK application was installed on it for data collection. The GPS location is the key for data analysis. The same Android phone was used by the Hydrologists employed by the ministry to do spot checks on areas where people have sunk the boreholes. The Geo-ODK is open source software. The system is based on open source application and PostgreSQL was/’ used for database management. The system has to be able to be connected with other GIS applications for future enhancements. There is need to enhance this system in future to enable it provide real time data.
Boreholes -- Management , Hydrogeology. , Groundwater. , Borehole--Management.