Revisiting social life skills in the era of HIV/AIDS among learners in learning institutions.

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Daka, Harrison
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In the book the author discusses such as exploring life skills, self-awareness, problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, effective communication, interpersonal relationships, coping with stress, managing feelings, assertiveness, adolescents knowledge, attitudes and practices pertaining to HIV and AIDS, developing identity and managing emotions. Other issues include building relationships, resisting peer pressure, health concerns independence, identity, intimacy, integrity and gender. The author also discusses sexuality and myths related to it, including abstinence from sexual activities. Reverand Harrison Daka deals with emotional development as it relates to anger and how to manage it. The author has given students in educational institutions a lot of counseling on how to deal with issues related to their emotional development.
Book. The book revisiting Social Life Skills in the Era of HIV and AIDS among Learners in Learning Institutions is a master piece of academic literature. The books is divided into six chapters: Chapter One looks at Background to Life Skills, Chapter Two discusses Awareness of Self; Chapter Three touches on Understanding Adolescence; Chapter Four looks at Facts on Abstinence; Chapter Five concentrates on Anger Management and Emotional Awareness, Chapter Six deals with Coping With Stress and Assertiveness.
Life Skills, Awareness of Self, Understanding Adolescence, Facts on Abstinence, Anger Management and Emotional Awareness, Coping With Stress, Assertiveness.
Daka, H. (2017). Social Life Skills in the Era of HIV/AIDS among Learners in Learning Institutions, Muka Graphics and Printing Hub, Lusaka.