Evaluation of library and information science students’ attachment programme: a case study of the University of Zambia

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Maseka, Anita
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The University of Zambia
This study was aimed evaluating the Library and Information Science students’ attachment programme-a case study of the University of Zambia. The study used a case study design to evaluate the contemporary phenomena within its real life context. The mixed methodapproach was used to evaluate the significance of Library and Information Science (LIS) student attachment programme at the University of Zambia (UNZA). A purposive sample of 70students, three (3) lecturers and three (3) supervisors was used. A descriptive design was employed under a mixed method approach that placed greater focus on the qualitative strand. Data collected from questionnaires and interview guides. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse data. The study found that students received industry training, were open to new experiences, developed sense of satisfaction, developed specialised technical skills, recognised personal strengths, acquired knowledge from job duties, had the ability to work and learn independently, developed realistic ideas about real working world, had the ability to persevere and these results tallied perfectly well with the responses from their different supervisors. Further despite attachments bridging the gap between theory and practice other concerns were raised which ranged from too much workload from supervisors, not enough technological equipment in University and industry, lack of transport, lunch, accommodation costs and not enough resources to facilitate training before attachments. The study recommended that the Ministry of Higher Education to continue revising conditions during attachments, train, provide and improve human resource, coordinate various institutions to improve service delivery and lastly provide capacity building and increase other support across all sectors that host students or trainees during attachments. Keywords: Industrial attachments, internship, practical experience and experiential learning.
Interns--Library science--Zambia , Industrial attachments--Library science students--Zambia , library science students--Industrial attachments--Zambia