Developing turnaround strategies to enhance profitability for Investrust bank PLC: a pragmatic action research.

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Kasempa, Evelyn Namunjebwa
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The University of Zambia
Development of appropriate turnaround strategies to enhance profitability is vital to the survivability of Investrust Bank Plc. Which has been making losses consistently in the period 2013-2018. The brand is under serious threat and a turnaround to address the crisis is discussed hence, the study gained a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of the senior management at Investrust Bank Plc. This was a phenomenological case study inquiry driven within the qualitative paradigm. Phenomenology was used in this study to aim at understanding circumstances surrounding Invest trust Bank Plc making losses. Further than this phenomenology was chosen to understand from the point of view from bank actors the preferred turnaround strategies that can be used to propel Investrust bank into a profit making. Seven (7) indepth interviews with senior management at Investrust Bank Plc. were conducted. These Seven (7) senior managers were selected by expert purposive sampling and the data was analyzed using qualitative content analysis. The circumstances surrounding Investrust bank plc making losses were external and internal. The external factors, identified themes are; central bank monetary policies such as increase in minimum capital requirement , Introduction of IRFS 9, government monetary controls and increase in market players. The internal factors findings are shareholders selling shares and lack of capitalization, loss of customers, lack of innovation, failure to generate revenue, unsustainable operational cost and failure to manage non-performing loans. Seven key strategies were developed namely financial strategies, technology advancements, revenue generation strategies, marketing strategies, diversification, retrenchment and top management strategies. The analytical hierarchy process was applied to rank which strategies will be more effective and the Three main strategies which should be implemented in order to turnaround the situation at Investrust Bank Plc. are Financial strategies, Technology advancements and Revenue generating Strategies and should be included in the banks next strategic plan.
Thesis of Master Of Business Administration Management Strategy