An exploration of the effect of gender based violence on performance of women in selected public secondary schools of Lusaka district.

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Mwalungali, Evans
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of this study was to investigate how gender based violence affects the performance of women. The objectives of the study were to establish the kinds of Gender Based violence (GBV) women are subjected to; to establish the causes of gender based violence against women; to establish the effect of gender based violence on the performance of women and lastly to devise relevant strategies that can be used to eradicate gender based violence. The theory that guided the study is the violence against women theory and the feminist theory. The study employed qualitative approach and the research method was a case study. The research instruments were questionnaires, semi structured interviews and focus group discussions. The targeted population of the study comprised of female head teachers and female teachers from selected public secondary schools of Lusaka District. The study revealed that gender based violence negatively affects the performance of women. The causes were lack of economic resources, increasing levels of poverty, cultural ideologies, and lack of legal protection, patriarchal structures and Gender inequality. The study recommends that Government though the Ministry of General Education comes up with work place policies that will create an Government that allows women to work freely. Further the sensitization of men against the dangers of GBV should be encouraged at the work places.
Gender based violence--Women. , Gender based violence. , Gender based violence--Women--Education--Performance.