The monitoring of lesson planning by school administrators in government secondary schools of Mansa district, Luapula province, Zambia.

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Sitali, Alice
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The University of Zambia
The purpose of this study was to examine the monitoring of lesson planning by school administrators in government secondary schools in Mansa district of Luapula Province. The objectives were to; assess the teachers’ perceptions on lesson plans, in selected government secondary schools in Mansa District, examine the process of lesson planning in secondary schools and examine how school administrators monitor lesson planning in secondary schools. Sixteen (16) teachers and four (4) heads of department were randomly selected from the research site through stratified random sampling procedure; all together the sample size was twenty (20). Qualitative research design was used. Data was collected through one on one interviews with both the teachers and the administrators. Observation study was also used to collect data. Data was analysed thematically. The findings of the study were that, the majority of the teachers had positive perceptions when it came to lesson planning. However, the frequency of writing lesson plans among all teachers was found to be very unsatisfying. Additionally, the process of lesson planning in secondary schools was hindered by a number of challenges which made it difficult for the teachers to write lesson plans. The findings further showed that, heads of departments did not adequately the monitor teachers’ lesson plans before they conducted their lessons due to the fact that they had little time to carry out the activity because of the busy teaching schedules and other administrative duties. From the above findings, the following recommendations were made: the Ministry of General Education (MoGE) should work hand in hand with the provincial education office (PEO) and district education board secretary (DEBS) offices as well as with school administrators to ensure teachers wrote lesson plans so as to have effective teaching in schools; MoGE should ensure that schools across the country had all the needed teaching and learning materials in schools to enable teachers plan effectively for their lessons as well as ensure effective teaching in the schools; School administrators must be encouraged to be consistent with the monitoring of teachers’ lesson plans to bring about effective teaching.
Lesson planning.