An assessment of quality assurance in HIV and AIDS-related services in Chivuna rural health facility of southern Zambia.

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Machacha, Eliphas C.
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Scientific Research Publishing
With many countries experiencing high prevalence rates of HIV scaling up ART, it is vital to assess quality assurance in health facilities accredited to pro- vide these HIV and AIDS-related services. Reviewed literature indicates that there are limited studies in Zambia on the capacity of accredited health care facilities to provide effective HIV/AIDS related services. Using data from a large ethnographic qualitative study in a resource poor rural setting in Zam- bia, this paper assesses quality assurance in health facilities to providing HIV/AIDS services in a remote rural setting. Findings show that although HIV and AIDS related services were available at the remote rural health facil- ity of Chivuna, the services provided did not meet the WHO minimum guide- lines/standards on the provision of such services. Therefore, there is need for such facilities to be adequately equipped in all the departments of ART deli- very so as to ensure effective delivery of these services and universal access. Keywords Zambia, HIV and AIDS, WHO Guidelines, Capacity of Health Facilities
HIV/AIDS--Treatment--ART( Antiretroviral therapy).