Influence of parents on career choice of their children at the University of Zambia

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Sinkombo, Chazangwe Linda
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The University of Zambia
Major findings of the study indicates that parents, especially those who were educated offered career guidance to children through interaction where they discussed about the world of work and choosing careers which are currently workable in Zambia. They guided children on career choices such as, Teaching, Business related courses, Nursing, Computer Studies, Army (Soldier), Zambia Air force, Police Service as well as Agriculture related courses. Study further revealed that the positive interaction which existed between parents have influence in career choice of their children. The study also showed that results children obtained at grade 12, availability of jobs and the education levels of their parents are also of influence towards their career choices. The study concluded that parents offered workable career choices to their children before admission to the University of Zambia with the view that these careers are of higher employment chances than others. The positive interactions with children are of influence towards career choices. Results children obtain at grade 12 highly influence their career choices. Based on the findings, study recommends that all parents should emphasize on hard work and focus on the capabilities of their children and seek the help of career guidance personnel.
Vocational guidance , Counselling in Secondary Education--Zambioa