Evolution of methods and techniques in foreign language teaching.

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Manchishi, Peter Chomba
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The University of Zambia Press
Written evidence points to the Middle East in Iraq at sumer (Baghdad) as the place of origin regarding the teaching of second / foreign languages. This was around 3,000 BC when a group of invaders conquered the area. Surprisingly, instead of imposing their language, they opted to learn the language of the conquered (the Sumerians). The method used to teach the language involved rewriting or analysing old texts (Philology). This then marked the beginning of the first methods in second / foreign language teaching. So, the communicative/task-based methods currently in use widely in the world, in the teaching of second/foreign languages, did not emerge like manner from Heaven. To the contrary, they are part of a long methodological evolution. We have in this book, attempted to critically discuss the evolution in question. For each method, we have highlighted its origin, main features (characteristics) and its application in the classroom setting. That is, a sample lesson as it was taught at that time